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Which Fruits Basket Character Likes You

You are a creative person, and you would like to make a congratulatory wedding gift basket for a couple that is getting married soon. However, you want to be sure that you include things in the congratulatory wedding gift basket that they will definitely like. Hence, you need some congratulatory wedding gift basket ideas.

There are many different kinds of congratulatory wedding gift baskets to choose from if you decide not to make one yourself. The available congratulatory wedding gift baskets range in sizes from small to large. Those congratulatory wedding gift baskets also come in several different genres, from humorous to informal to very formal.

However if you are creative, it is probably a better idea to make the congratulatory wedding gift basket yourself, because this way you can put whatever you like in the basket and make it more personalized. What you put in the basket depends on what the couple likes.

For example, say the husband likes golf. An idea for what to put in the gift basket is a gift certificate for golf lessons. Alternatively, if you choose to purchase something less expensive, consider getting something golf-themed that the husband can place on his desk at work.

As for the wife, women always appreciate a way to relax. In the congratulatory wedding gift basket, include a gift certificate for a day of beauty at a spa. In lieu, you can do separate gift certificates for certain things. For example, you can include a gift certificate to her hair salon, or a gift certificate to get a manicure or pedicure.

While you can include separate things in the congratulatory wedding gift basket for each of them, you should also include something in the gift basket that both of them can share. This, of course, should be something romantic. One idea is to get a bottle of champagne and personalized champagne glasses.

Something that many couples like to do is go to a show as sort of a date night. If you know that the couple likes doing things like this, consider getting them tickets to a theater performance or a comedy show.

For more ideas on what to put in the congratulatory wedding gift basket, ask the family and friends of the couple. The possibilities are endless with congratulatory wedding gift baskets because you can include many different items that the couple can enjoy long after their wedding.

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