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What Is Juicy Fruit Made Of

People have different kinds of clothing in their wardrobe to suit their lifestyle. If a person is in school or college and enjoys partying, they are likely to have more of glamorous glitter filled clothes. On the other hand, if a lady works at a leading bank, she is bound to have many suits and business attire that is suited for work and maybe team it with a T-shirt or blouse for evening. This line of clothing that has a mix of causal and formal is what makes Juicy couture so popular. A contemporary range of clothes based in California and owned by Liz Claiborne is what Juicy Couture is. They are very popular for their track suits and terry cloth pieces. There are certain specialty stores across America that stock this brand and promote the dress. Celebrities are known to sport this line of clothes and that is how it gained its name.

Wake up and smell the couture, cupcake couture are some of the tags associated with Juicy couture and one will find them in the tag inside their apparels. It was started by the two designers Gela Nash Taylor and Pamela levy, who started out with maternity outfits and then moved on to elegant evening wear and other dresses. What was initially meant only for ladies later on added men's wear and children's wear sometime in 2002. And today they even have a variety of clothing for dogs, which range from T-shirts, to fancy boots and jackets. Since they have everything a person could want, it's almost like a one stop shopping experience for those interested in Juicy Couture. You can buy clothes for your entire family, even for your pet poodle, along with a bottle of fragrance or cologne. Juicy couture has created a revolution today.

Written by Sophia Renaldson. Find the latest information on Juicy Couture Bracelets as well as Juicy Couture Charms