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What Goes Into a Georgia - Themed Gift Basket?

In the south, the state of Georgia has a deep history that showcases some of the most influential changes that the United States has undergone throughout the years. As one of the Thirteen Colonies that played a role in the revolt against British rule during the American Revolution, Georgia was the last state to become established as a colony. Later, Georgia would become the fourth state to ratify the Constitution in 1788. Over time, the location known as the "Peach State," gained quite the reputation for becoming one of the fastest growing states in the U.S. To truly present state appeal in your gift basket adventures, you will need to brainstorm some of the well known and lesser-known aspects of this grand destination.

A gift basket filled with ripe peaches doesn't leave much to the imagination, but an in-depth celebration of the tasty fruit is sure to please consumers. Satisfying selections to decorate a Georgia-themed gift basket include peach preserves, jellies, jams, and 100% fruit spreads. Additional edible treats include peach syrup and peach cobbler mix. Peach tea is also a desirable addition, which can help cool down the balmy night feeling of a state that features summer temperatures ranging from the high 70s to the mid-80s/ low-90s. The peach theme doesn't always have to include things to eat; bath and body gift baskets may include peach scented lotions, body sprays, and scrubs.

The economy of Georgia includes a wide-range of agricultural selections that make worthy gift basket themes. While stationary baskets easily satisfy the paper-product production associated with the city, can you imagine the kinds of arrangements you can create with pecans and peanuts, which are also popular Georgia exports? A host of well-known businesses are also situated within the state that could generate a reasonable response in gift basket sales. For instance, Coca Cola has their headquarters settled in Georgia.

In Georgia, an assortment of military installations can be found, including Fort Benning, Moody Air Force Base, Fort Stewart, and Fort Gillum. Obviously, when it comes to appealing to the locals and visitors to these bases, themes of Americana, stars and stripes, and the 4th of July are rather profitable turns for the gift basket business. As for the education department, Georgia is home to a host of historically black colleges, such as Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Savannah State University. To attract this particular crop of potential buyers, you may want to incorporate the colors and symbols associated with the area fraternities and sororities, including the pink and green scheme of the AKA's.

When you wish to attract the sports enthusiast of the Peach State, you should turn your attention to the MLB team, Atlanta Braves; the NFL team, Atlanta Falcons; and the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. At least two out of three teams allow birds to open up the theme of a mascot-related gift basket, whereas all three teams utilize the colors of red and black to make ribbon and accent options much easier to deal with.

Wendy Wood is the owner of Seek Gift Baskets, an online gift basket directory.

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