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Lasik is the non-invasive surgical vision correction procedure that has taken the country, and the world, by storm. Why, people ask, should they have to deal with eyeglasses and contact lenses when Lasik procedures can correct such common vision problems as near and far sightedness and astigmatism, as well as other acuity and depth perception vision problems?

Finding a doctor or facility that performs Lasik procedures isn't difficult if you live in a city or on the east or west coast of the United States. Some of the more popular cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, as well as facilities in Orange County, provide more than enough competition on the west coast to offer patients the best in pricing and experience. When seeking the right Lasik procedure or facility to take care of your vision problems, however, there are several things to keep in mind.

There are more than one type of Lasik surgeries performed in places like Orange County, such as PRK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK. Such procedures can be found in offices scattered throughout Orange County, California, such as Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo and Lake Forest, just to name a few. Keep in mind that there are different procedures, as well as experts, with each of those procedures. Whenever possible, try to get two or three different opinions from Lasik proficient surgeons before you settle on one or the other to make sure they have the experience that you need, at a cost that you can afford.

While any type of Lasik eye surgery isn't cheap, prices can be competitive, especially in large cities, so you may find deals that seem alarming, if not downright suspicious, in these areas. Usually, Lasik procedures cost roughly $1500 per eye, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the type of procedure you're having, as well as the severity of your vision problems, but if prices dip below $750 an eye, you may want to start asking yourself why. While it's hard to turn down a bargain, remember that you're talking eyesight here, which cannot be replaced.

The same goes for the reputation of your eye surgeon. Just because he's the biggest or most well known name in your community doesn't mean he has adequate experience in the type of Lasik procedure you need, so you have to balance cost with reputation and find a common middle ground. Always check out the credentials of any surgeon you intend to visit, and make sure that they are trained and proficient in the newest Lasik laser equipment and procedures possible.

A consultation will be your first step toward Lasik eye surgery, and again, it's a good idea to get more than one opinion on your vision problem, and suggestions by the eye doctor over which Lasik procedure is right for you. Finding a listing of qualified refractive surgeons anywhere in Orange County is as easy as looking in the phone book or on the internet, though take care to always check with the BBB or the California State Medical Association for complaints or lawsuits filed against any doctor on your list of possibilities.

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