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The Grapes Of Wrath

Western Cuba is truly history if the Wonderful Weather Radars are right. The NOAA has Super Hurricane Wilma torrential rain bands washing away Western World Weather Records as she willfully wreaks her wrath on the Western most areas of Cuba. In fact it maybe the worst storm to hit Western Cuba during this absolutely incredible 2005 Hurricane Season.

How much rain will Western Cuba accumulate during the transit of Hurricane Wilma? Well it appears it could receive up to 30 inches of rain over a five-day period. That is if the worst-case scenario occurs. Other modeling tracks of Super Hurricane Katrina have it moving in a more Northward Track and only delivering up to 10-12 inches, which in itself is a massive amount of water.

Can Western Cuba handle that level of rain? Well, they have before, a couple of times and many people were caught in those torrential rains and much flooding occurred. Western Cuba is not a safe place and is just too close to Hurricane Wilma track and if Hurricane Wilma is slowed down by the Yucatan speed bump and stalls out and slows as she tracks East, then those poor folks will be completely flooded in Western Cuba. Think on this.

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