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The Cobbler [The Think Tank of Libra/75,000 BC/Part Three]

Scene Three

[Narrator comes out and gives the ending to the first act]

And so it came to pass that the Libra Group, the Think Tank of Libra that is, and all its participants: the King, the Cobbler, the Pope, the General, Captain and the Colonel, the Think Tank of Libra, of 75,000 BC, put together a formula with these cells the cells and genetic make up needed to transpose these ancient missing links, or things lost so long ago in the past: feelings, emotions, hope and faith, etcetera: they now were planted you could say, deposited into their creative offspring—; bitter it may be, but I must say it, these new cell structures could not survive in space with them— (and bitter it was to a few to let them go after creating them) onto several planets, one being earth. And the Colonel calls his daughter Hu, and the King calls his son Man, perhaps they got to call them by name because the Cobbler knew they had the biggest egos, and didn’t want to argue; and so it was, and now written.

And as a result, the two were created and put into a garden, this part of the story we all of course know. But Hu, gained a rib somewhere along the way, and Man lost one; and during this time He was left alone to name the animals of this planet called earth, the one he was placed on, you could say. When they got together, that is to say, when God, decided to check things out, He took the human beings, and named them Adam and Eve, it was His gift to the Think Tank (I don’t think He liked the naming of the creatures per se, but he was kind in leaving the species called human, combining the words, and forcing the King and Colonel to share in the glory))although dead they were)), giving man some credit for something for his efforts; perhaps He had (He being: God) He had a bigger ego than the King and the Colonel; maybe that is why He understands man so well: for they had—unselfishly—put back things that once were lost into the dark shadows of outer space—put them back into a being, I say unselfishly because they had long gone, departed their universe. [And having said this, comes ‘…Orion’ and Act II, Scene One.]

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