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Terrys Chocolate Orange

There’s an old saying that says that ‘you will not know whats heaven like until you have not tasted chocolate’. For a chocolate lover like me, I couldn’t agree more. My heartfelt sympathy goes to those who are allergic to this heavenly gift. For the rest of us, then I'm sure that you’re already aware the chocolate cake (or anything that has chocolate in it for that matter) is the best ever and most popular dessert ever created.

There’s just something magical about a piece of dark, moist, rich piece of chocolate cake with a layer of sinful looking creamy chocolate frosting on it, Smiles appear, happy moods return, grumbles turn into giggles.

I'm convinced that anyone can find a type of chocolate cake that he or she loves. Here’s a lit for the still uninitiated. The list is endless :-

Here goes:

Chocolate chip cheese cake, German chocolate cake, jelly roll chocolate cake, chocolate kraut bundt cake, chocolate fudge cake, chocolate mud cake, chocolate crème cake, chocolate eruption cake, best ever chocolate cake, chocolate caramel cake, rich chocolate cake, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate and orange cake, sour cream cake with chocolate, chocolate lava cake, chocolate banana cake, royal chocolate cake, molten chocolate cake, chocolate cherry cake, chocolate chip cookie cake, chocolate walnut cake, chocolate pudding cake, sinless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse cake, chocolate mayonnaise cake, chocolate chip pound cake, double chocolate chocolate cake, chocolate rum cake, low fat chocolate cake, chocolate zucchini cake etc etc ...........

If you still can’t find something you like, you don’ know what you’re missing. It doesnt matter what you put in , just make sure its moist and taste good. It will bound to put a smile even on the most grumpy of all grouches.

Ainee has had training and years of experience managing small cafes as well as bakeries of Europe's number one hypermarket. Started baking 'commercially' from the age of nine and has not stopped since. Her passion for baking has also allowed her to cross into the cooking world as well as the romantic arena of weddings.