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Spanish Fresh Fruit

Until recently, buying that second home was practically out of reach for most people. Sure, we all dream of owning that summer house 'on the lake', but that's just a fantasy that most of us can only think about.

Yet, in europe, more and more people are looking to the sandy beaches of Spain as the new destination to buy that second home. Spain has all round great temperatures, and the quality of living is perhaps one of the best in the world.

And with prices still reasonably low, it makes it just that little bit more affordable for the rest of us. For example, a beach side apartment can cost you as little as $230, 000. Hardly breaking the bank like a Malibu condo.

Spain also has a very low cost of living with fresh fruit and vegtables a fraction of the cost you could pay elsewhere. Afterall, fish, fruit and vegtables play a major part in the diet of most southern meditereaneans. They do have a higher survival rate than the average American.

Viva Spanish Properties is my company that I run to help provide 'new lifestyle intergration' for those settling in Spain. From real estate to furniture, from schools to retirement, from employment to starting a new business - we provide the various solutions that can start your new life off to a flyer!!

You can find out more about living in Spain by visiting where you'll learn all about living and buying property. Viva Spanish Properties has a huge search database of spanish properties.

Or if you have any questions about moving to Spain, why not drop me a line at

Sally Simons is from the UK. Her website promotes the spanish lifestyle and properties in Spain.