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Southern Peach Cobbler Recipe

Sacramento Catering: If you found this review, you're probably hungry, right? Well, I want to take a short moment to tell you about one of the coolest restaurants I've been to in a while. I always hear people complain about how there's no great Southern-themed restaurants in Sacramento. I have to admit, they are pretty hard to find. Here, I'll tell you a little about "A Southern Komfort Cafe", and mention a couple dishes featured on the menu.

* Mmmm: My favorite dish would have to be the BBQ tri-tip. The meat is nicely seasoned, and the sauce can be described as perfect. Perfectly sweet with a touch of smoke flavoring. Because I'm a fan of "spicy", I love the hot version of the sauce. However, there are several different dishes on the menu. You could probably find something that fits your particular taste; Spicy or not.

* A Taste of New New Orleans: One of the most distinct characteristics is the theme itself. The spirit of New Orleans can be felt throughout this restaurant, accompanied by a smooth, jazzy sound throughout the backround. The theme has a lot to do with the reason you'll find crab/seafood gumbo on the menu, candied yams, baked beans, pork spareribs, jambalaya, and peach cobbler to name a few. For those who like to throw parties, catering Services are also available.

* The good news is, If you're anywhere in the Sacramento Area, you're just a hop, skip, and a jump away!...

I thank you for your time, and appreciate you reading this article. There's a million other things you could be doing besides reading this review. I know, I know, you're hungry, right? Just wanted to share my experience with all of you hungry readers out there.

Bio: L.W. Seals (Millennium Products) is a creative writer/researcher. For more information on "A Southern Komfort Cafe", see Sacramento Catering. If you feel this report was useful, please **Bookmark** or share.