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Silk Orange Trees

A silk orange tree is a kind of artificial topiary tree adorned with real looking leaves, trunks and oranges. A silk orange tree placed at entryways and corners, or near windows gives a stylish look to your home. Silk orange trees are a great attraction in the gardens. The main advantage of a silk orange tree is that it is durable and does not lose its beauty. Further, it does not require watering and shedding, and can be easily cleaned with the help of a slightly dampened cloth.

An imitation of natural orange trees, silk orange trees are generally made of high quality silk materials. They usually consist of tons of orange foliages and several hand painted foam orange fruits. Braided wood stems, foliages, and beautiful trunks add to the charm of these trees. Another special type is silk orange trees made of natural trunks and foliages.

You can now buy silk orange trees in a variety of graceful styles, shapes, and sizes. In general, silk orange trees are pre-potted in terracotta containers or terracotta colored plastic pots. A wide range of baskets and planters are also available to suit any interior or exterior decoration. For best results, silk orange trees must be placed under protective covers. Besides being a perfect complement to any décor, silk orange trees also form a perfect gift for birthdays and special occasions. The prices of silk orange trees depend on the quality of materials used in their creation.

Nowadays, many of the US outlets, both local outlets and online stores, customize silk orange trees according to the need and specification of the customers, using high quality materials.

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