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Sea Grapes

Dead sea cosmetics protect human skin from aging and polluted atmosphere. These cosmetics keep you young and beautiful. Dead sea mud has been known for its powerful ingredients from ancient times. Dead sea mud mask contains rich minerals that stimulate and exfoliate your skin.

Dead sea cosmetics improve appearance of your skin. These cosmetics are helpful in preventing wrinkles and increasing elasticity that makes your skin young and exciting. Dead sea minerals play a significant role in skin-nourishment. Dead sea cosmetics donít include irritating chemicals or harmful ingredients.

Dead sea cosmetics are prepared with pure natural cosmetic products that really soothe your skin. You can easily maintain your skin with several Dead Sea cosmetic skin care items. Some beauty products or Dead Sea cosmetics contain minerals from Dead Sea or natural plants that are available near Dead Sea. AHAVA, Natural Sea Beauty, Mineral Care and Sea of Spa are some common Dead Sea products.

AHAVA is a plant that is found at Dead Sea surrounding area and is very calm to the skin. It is used to prepare balms, exfoliations and other beauty products. It works as good moisturizer for extremely dry skin. These great Dead Sea cosmetics offer smooth glow, which everyone desires. Dead Sea Cosmetics are used for natural relief.

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