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Recording Vocals at Home

Recording vocals especially at home is not a very straight forward task.

There are a few basics you must understand and have in order to get a good home audio recording. Initial Setup for Home Vocal / Audio Recording

Lets start of with a checklist of must have items for home recording.

* PC or Macintosh Microphone
* Computer with sound card that has inputs
* Audio Recording Software (fruity loops, Sound Forge, Cubase, others)

Assuming you have those 3 items you should be able to get the vocal into the computer.

The first thing we need to do if you haven't done it yet is to plug your microphone into you computers sound card input.

If your microphone is to big to fit into one of the ports then you probably have a 1/4 or quarter inch jack on your mic.

You can get a 1/4" Stereo Jack to 1/8" Stereo Plug Headphone Adapter at radio shack for about $6.00 US. Or just buy a new microphone, but its probably cheaper to buy the adapter if needed. Calibrate Microphone

Assuming that your microphone is now plugged into your computer you need to make sure that your sound card has the microphone input un-muted. To do this go to your computers control panel (on a PC / not Mac) and click the icon or link that says something like "Audio Sound Devices". I say "something like" because it depends on what version of windows you are running as to what it says. Click again if the box below does not show up.

When the box does appear click the Voice Tab.

Now click the "Test Hardware" button and run through the wizard. This will calibrate your microphone to the premium level. Finish the wizard. OK... so now the Microphone is plugged in an calibrated to optimum level. (Note: If while running the wizard you get no input or audio, then you probably plugged your mic into the wrong sound card port.) Record the Vocals / Audio

Now its time to launch your audio recording program

In this demo we will use Fruity Loops 7. If you are ready for this step click the link below to watch the video on one click audio recording in Fruity Loops.

Mike Koenig