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Real Housewives Of Orange County

The two things you should never talk about Religion and Politics, or so they say.

Well I happen to think you can discuss this topic without creating any enemies, well I can try. I am probably writing this out of curiosity more than anything else. Being a Mom in Orange County, California has it's quirks, for one thing a lot of people box you in with the "Real Housewives of Orange County", or many of the other so-called reality shows. And while I admit I do watch a couple of those shows it does represent a small percentage of Mom's. Don't get me wrong Orange County is a land of beautiful and rich. But what about the Mom's out there who are 'The Beautiful and the Intelligent'? So far what I have seen on most of the shows are Gold Diggers, Shop-O-Holics and Superficial Lame Brains (so much for the no enemy thing). Okay let me just say quickly that I have met a couple of these ladies and they are very nice. Alright back to the subject, I guess my curiosity is wondering how many Mom's out there like to talk about (or think about) anything other than shopping, nails and botox. Yeah I love all those too but while I'm out with a friend or the hubby I like to chat about other things like, Oh I don't know politics, world events, schools and many other topics (except religion, even I leave that one out).

It's frustrating to me that Mom's are portrayed as caddy and lacking of real intelligence. I know first hand soooo many Mom's here in Orange County that are simply amazing, intelligent and Beautiful. Is it that we are not marketable?. Doubt it. Look at how many Mom's out there have started their own business, they are called Momprenuers and that's pretty marketable. What got me started on this topic was over-hearing these guys at Starbucks talking about women in Orange County. The louder of the two said "they can be summed up with 2 R-words, Republican and Religious". Then the other one proceeded to say, "yeah but I bet they couldn't spell it". Well at first I was laughing until I remembered hey I'm an Orange County Mom and I can spell both of them. I am not saying that the two R-words are bad, I'm saying not everyone in OC can be lumped into the same box. In my life I'd say about 60% of the OC Mom's I know are the two R-words, I won't say if I am or not...

This got me to thinking, are there any Mom's in Orange County, California that are excited for the chance of Hillary for President. Again I will not say my views, I am just so curious to see how red the Mom's in Orange County are. Let me just say you don't have to Love Hillary, to love the fact that there is FINALLY a Mom running for the President of the United States, that is exciting in it's own right. So Mom's I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

By Pam an OCMom on a place for Mom's in Orange County, California. Part of the Family. OCStandard The Orange County City Guide