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Pruning Grapes

You can use the following information for pruning grapes. This will serve as a practical guide and be the best resource for you regarding this topic. The most simple system for pruning and training grapes is the 4 arm kniffen system. This system is a series of 2 wires and posts. It's easy to use and when used properly, it will help you grow and cultivate your grapes.

Before we get too far into our discussion of pruning grapes, I wanted to share some interesting information with you. Did you know that if you do a lot of pruning you will stimulate a bunch of vegetative growth and less fruit, but the berries will be larger than the normal ones? Also, if you do little pruning you will have weak growth but promote a ton of berries that are small and of bad quality? These are some interesting facts that I wanted to tell you about to show the power of pruning grapes.

Now, at the beginning of spring the year after planting the grapes, choose what looks to be the biggest and healthiest trunk and tie it to the top wire of your trellis. If it's not tall enough to tie to the top wire, tying it to the bottom wire will be fine. You can extend it to the top wire the following spring. During the spring following the second season, choose 2 off shoots from each side of the trunk that will serve as arms. These arms should begin right below where the wire from the kniffen system and the trunk meet.

Our goal is to keep the vines manageable while promoting consistent growth with quality fruit. We want to do this on an annual basis so here is what we need to do. Prune the arms to ten buds and loosely tie along the wires. Next, for each of the arms, leave two two bud spurs. This is done to produce fruiting canes for the next season. We will repeat this process the following year. Here is a final tips for pruning grapes. Prune only in the late winter or early spring.

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