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Planting Peach Seeds

Spring has always been said to be the season for planting flower seeds. In actual fact however, the fall is also a great time for such activities. As it is colder during the fall, planting works are easier as compared to during the hot weather in the late spring and summer. Besides, the fall also makes for an excellent time for the various types of flower seed to build their roots before spring comes along. As they get ample time to adjust to the climate, some types of perennial flower seeds work out nicely when planted in the fall. Most types of perennial do not instantly grow in the fall when planted, however during these time they establish roots, until the weather is fit for above ground growth.

Contrary to the common understanding, some annual flower seeds can also be planted in the fall. These hardy annuals, capable of enduring cold weathers, are usually planted as seeds in the fall and start to grow when spring comes. As planting the seeds in the fall gives an early start for the flower seeds to grow, the plants will grow faster compared to those planted in spring, as they already have root systems intact. Gardeners are usually keen on having their flowering plants to flower as soon as possible, and are willing to pay more to get this result. They can also still achieve this result by using cheap seeds to plant with during the fall, as an alternative to buying seedlings to transplant.

The natural cycle of flower seeds starts in the fall, making it rather not that unusual to be planting flower seeds in the fall. The flowers lifespan reaches its end during fall, and the flowers get ready to drop off their seeds in autumn. The seeds will then search for receptive grounds and be prepared for spring rains next. Knowing this, gardeners can take advantage by planting the seeds right when the ground is receptive for new seeds, which can be before or after frost. However this depends on the local weather too. For areas that are particularly cold, it is best to start planting when it started to frost, but for areas that do not freeze, hardy wildflower seeds can be planted as pleased in the month of fall or winter.

The annual, perennial or wildflower seeds will need some special care when planted in the winter. The dry, cold ground of the fall will need to be watered in order to make it more hospitable to the new flower seeds. Using some potting soil or other organic matter will also help to give the seeds a fertile nesting ground. The seeds will need to have plenty of organic matter and water before the ground has frozen. The watering should be done on a regular basis until the soil freezes. In areas where the ground freezes, the seeds will need some protection to keep the new roots from being frozen and thawed repeatedly throughout the winter. Mulch applied to the soil can keep the temperature more constant for the new flower seeds.

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