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Peach Salsa

The average attendance at a Salsa dance classes is 99% female; look I am not complaining as often I am the only guy there.

Why is this? When I have asked my fellow students where are their partners the answer normally is “he won’t come to this!” or “him come dancing, no way“; what is it with you guys?

You need to get past this dancing is something gay men do or it’s not butch to dance attitudes that seems to pervade the vast majority of the men in the UK.

Being able to dance, especially Salsa is sexy. Take a look at the Cuban style of Salsa where the man caresses his partner around the dance floor never more than a couple of centimetres between them. Have you ever wondered why the Latin men are so good with the ladies? They can dance!

Salsa in its many styles is also a great way of getting fit; you try dancing to hot Latin rhythms for an hour or so I guaranty you will work up a sweat. It sure beats going to the gym.

The Salsa scene in the UK is growing at a phenomenal rate with classes, events and clubs springing up every where. I guarantee guys you will be welcome with open arms at any class you go to, just as long as you are going to learn to dance.

Within a few short weeks you will be able to Salsa; your mates will stop ribbing you as soon as they see how they ladies love a man who can dance.

So come on guys put down your pints and get on the dance floor. The Salsa scene is very social and with no time you will be dancing with people you have only just met; having a laugh and making new friends.

By Lee Coppin

Lee has been dancing salsa for over 3 years and enjoys travelling all over the world to learn more about salsa dancing. He is the webmaster for a Cuban Salsa dance website.

Did you find these tips useful? If you would like to find out more about Salsa dancing please visit and discover how you can learn to dance salsa and be a hit on the dance floor!