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Peach Jam

Life is often full of jam-side-downers. You know the idea: You sleep-in, you're running late, you can't find the car keys, you're eating breakfast on the run, you drop your toast, and it lands jam-side-down!

In order to take the stress out of jam-side-downers, sometimes itís necessary to surrender to the situation. Why fight it when you canít do a thing about it. Why get stressed out when youíre in a jam that is outside your control - traffic jams are perfect examples. Why not just sit back and surrender to the moment? Turn up the radio and bring your blood pressure down, take a few deep breaths and let that guy into your lane instead of staring him down.

A few survivors of the 9/11 Twin Tower Tragedy got together afterwards to exchange stories of why they were still alive. Their reasons were extraordinarily ordinary. Someone had missed her bus. Someone had slept in. Someone couldnít get a taxi. Someoneís car wouldnít start. Someone had got stuck in a traffic jam...

When things go unexpectedly haywire and you have no control over that jam-side-downer, consider, there might just be a reason for it. So, the next time something goes pear-shaped consider that it is perfect. Of course, this will require that you remain fully present in your own experience. In other words, take a step or two back from the situation, take a deep breath and consider how "it" might be perfect.

Surrender to the moment and relax.

Thomas Chalmers is an executive coach. He works with executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

Michael Imani, Ph.D. is a mind/body expert who works with clients on life and weight management. He also is a facilitator in executive coaching at the top-ranked Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.