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Peach Fuzz

Finding the best effects chain, loop, setup or whatever you call it can be a long and endless process. But itís also fun! If you plug your guitar into a fuzz box, the fuzz box gives you a fuzzy guitar sound - pretty obvious, huh? If you then plug the fuzz output into a wah pedal input, then the wah works on the fuzz sound, giving you a synth-like wah sound.

If you plug first into the wah, then into the fuzz, it gives a completely different sound. That's because the fuzz is working on a guitar sound that already has a wah effect. This chain below tends to give the least noise and best signal ratio. Feel free to experiment things your own way though.

Guitar - Wah - Distortion - Chrous - Amp + (Delay thru Amp FX loop)

As a general rule, the delay effect pedal should be placed last in the chain if thereís only one channel on your guitar amp. Be warned that this setup can cause an overdriven amp to over load.

Use a 2 Channel amp if you can afford to spend a bit more. To obtain more control and better sounding delay effect, use the effect send and return on your amp for your delay pedal.

Remember, there are no rules on effects order. You won't break any pedals by putting them in a 'wrong' order. There is no wrong order. In fact, experimenting is the best way to learn and in doing so, you can come up with many unusual and interesting sounds.

Andy Ng is a self taught guitar enthusiast. He have played guitar for the last 5 yrs and still going strong! He is also a leading expert on the art of building homemade effect pedals. Pick up tips, techniques or just plain guitar talk at his blog!