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Osage Orange

Orange is one of the best recognized brands of the world. With a wide array of world class product and services, Orange has made a reputation among their users and non users alike. Orange is one of the biggest names in the UK mobile network market. As a provider of the most advanced mobile telephony services, it was much expected for Orange to come up with their own mobile handsets designed to give its user the benefit of all services. The lineup of Orange mobile phones, also known as Orange SPV range consists of highly functional mobile devices designed keeping in mind the professionals who demand more than just making and receiving calls on their mobile phones.

Orange mobile phones ie, the SPV series includes smartphones that works on Window Mobile. Each member are masters at doing what is expected from them. The Orange SPV C500 is a Microsoft smartphone that has all the functionality of a PDA with dimensions of a mobile phone. Similarly, the Orange SPV E650 the first Windows Mobile 6.0 handset looks very compact just like a 'normal' mobile phone, yet it has a full QWERTY keypad neatly hidden underneath. Orange mobile phones that actually looks like a PDA includes Orange SPV M3100, Orange SPV M500 and the latest Orange SPV M700.

Among all Microsoft SPV phones, the Orange SPV M500 is the smallest ever without compromising on any of the features. Another Orange powerhouse, the Orange SPV M3100 deserves a special mention. This Window Mobile 5.0 operated PDA is a master of connectivity, incorporating within itself all the latest and advanced connectivity tools like 3G and WiFi. The handset also includes the best of mobile multimedia like a 2.0 megapixel digital camera module. The latest Orange mobile phone the Orange SPV M700 too have become immensely popular within days of its launch due to the immense possibilities offered by this smartphone.

Orange Mobile Phones

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