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KC & The Sunshine Band

KC and The Sunshine Band is one of the most recognizable names from the disco era of the 1970s. Throughout their career, KC and The Sunshine Band culminated a total of nine Grammy nominations, winning three of them, including two for KC and The Sunshine Bandís work on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, and an American Music Award as well.

Along with the Beatles, KC and the Sunshine Band were the first artists to have four #1 singles in the span of one year: "Boogie Shoes", "Rock Your Baby", "Get Down Tonight", and "That's The Way (I Like It)". KC & The Sunshine Bandís other hits like "(Shake, Shake, Shake), Shake Your Booty" and "I'm Your Boogie Man" still stand as milestones of the disco age today.

With KC & The Sunshine Bandís funky and vibrant tones, the brass oriented disco flavor that made up KC and The Sunshine Band's sound also incorporated Motown, Funk, Latin percussion, Caribbean spice, Southern soul, as well as pop hooks which developed their sound. KC & The Sunshine Band still tour and perform today.

Today, KC and The Sunshine Band are still touring the world bringing to fans the sensation and flavor which they are known for.

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