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Orange Flowers

October is a good time for marriages. The climate is generally dry and cool. October is also a good time for flowers due to the abundant harvest. Like all other seasonal weddings, fall weddings have their popular flower choices.

Montbretia is one such delicate flower. It consists of a series of small, individual tubular florets arranged as a comb along the upper portion of a long, slim stem. Its color ranges from yellow-orange to brick-red, perfect for the season. Hypericum is another popular choice. It is usually raisin-brown in color but is also available in yellow, green, orange, red and pink.

Roses are the popular choice for all weddings, but the best picks for this season are Leonidas (chocolate-brown), Terra Cotta (burnt orange), Star 2000 (coral-orange), Black Magic (darkest, velvet burgundy), Hocus Pocus (a variety with dark burgundy petals flecked with yellow spots), Mambo (tangerine-orange spray variety), Konfetti (deep yellow with red-orange blaze), Red Berlin (tomato- red), and Sari (apricot-orange).

To highlight the texture of the fall season, dry grasses like rye and wheat can be used in the bouquet. A variety of fall-toned foliage like copper beech, croton leaves, or vine mapleliage is available in the market.

Some choices for fall wedding flowers (categorized by color) are:

Reds/Pinks: Poinsettia, Euphorbia, Holly, Cotoneaster, Amaryllis, Carnation, Primula, Viburnum, Daphne.

Yellows: Iris, Winter Jasmine, Narcissus.

Purples/Blues: Iris

White: Shrub honeysuckle, Amaryllis, Narcissus, Snowdrop, Carnation

Greenery: Mrs. Robb's Bonnet, Mahonia, Hemlock, Senecio, Blue Spruce, Ivy.

It is always advisable to choose flowers for the wedding according to the season, along with your personal choice.

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