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It is slowly being recognized that addiction to alcohol is a disease and not a choice. Alcohol addiction causes damage to health. The economic losses due to treatment of diseases are enormous. Furthermore, the social damages relate to alcohol-related abuse and driving under the influence.

Lobbyists for harsher laws for DUI argue that stricter punishments and penalties have reduced the number of DUI arrests. But a number of studies show that judicial actions combined with alcohol treatment decrease recidivism, the tendency to return to alcoholism. These studies imply that harsher laws only increase the tendency to drink more. For instance, the first thing an alcohol addict would do after release from jail sentence is to go to the first bar that he or she comes across.

In order to reduce recidivism, a pilot program has been started at the Orange County Superior Court Harbor Justice Center. It is one of two such programs in the US. The mission is to reduce recidivism, enhance community safety and foster a healthier and safer life for the participants and their families by increasing treatment, supervision and accountability of the high risk impaired driver.

The process begins with the admission of the guilt. The criteria for admission are the participants should be resident of Orange County, have the ability to travel to Newport Beach for court and Santa Ana for treatment and supervision. The program is modeled after a similar program for drug abuse. The success of the program depends on the effect it has on the DUI incidents.

Alcohol treatment involves medical treatment, counseling sessions, monitoring and supervision of the participants. Without medical treatment, the programs of AA instill a sense of confidence to say no to alcohol. Hence extended participation in AA is a strong measure to reduce recidivism. Furthermore, the mandatory formal probation does have an effect on DUI behavior.

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