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Orange County Nose Surgery

Until recently, Lasik Surgery Orange County candidates with a refractive error, eyeglasses and contact lenses were the only options for correcting your vision. But since the arrival of refractive surgery, some people with myopia or nearsightedness or hyperopia or farsightedness and astigmatism which is a cornea with unequal curves, may be candidates for having their improved through Lasik Surgery.

LASIK or laser assisted in situ keraomileusis is a two-step refractive procedure that uses a laser and an automated blade that will permanently reshape the cornea. The purpose of reshaping the cornea is to help focus lightdirectly on the retina to produce clearer vision.

The LASIK procedure is usually takes about fifteen minutes and is performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgeon uses a microkeratome which creates a flap in the cornea. The second step is to use the cool beam of an excimer laser to remove a layer of the corneal tissue. The process of removing the corneal tissue permanently reshapes the cornea.

Once the procedure is complete a shield will be put in place for the first day and night. Since the lasers remove the tissue from the inside of the cornea, healing is often less painful than with other methods of refractive surgery. Because the surgery is less painful eye-drops may not be needed but if they are it is usually only needed for about a week.

A second surgery is sometimes necessary if you experience under-correction or over-correction which can cause night blindness. Some of the more rare but serious complications include dislocated flap, epithelial ingrowth and inflammation underneath the flap. Permanent vision loss is rare and most complications can be managed without any loss of vision.

Who is the ideal candidate for LASIK? It is the person with a stable refractive error that falls within the correctable range, free of eye disease and must be at least eighteen years of age. This person must be willing to accept the potential risks, complications and the side effects of LASIK.

Surgery in any form has its risks. As with all things itís important that you consult your professional physician for a complete eye examination.

Kenneth L Myers is the author of this article and would like you to come visit our site for more information on LASIK surgery.