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Fines are a monetary form of punishment for any violation of rule and law. For instance, anyone speeding gets a ticket and fine for violating the speed limits. Fine may be a single punishment. It could also be a combination of punishment such as fine plus jail sentence. Fines may also vary for the same type of violation depending upon the number of occurrences.

Fines are used for administrative purposes of the respective department. The fine serves to cover the cost of processing the case or violation. The level of fine is such that it may or may not deter some one from committing the violation again. Also fines may not deter an individual because the fine may not induce fear as much as any other psychological impact like that induced by jail sentence. Generally fines are nominal in value.

DUI cases carry fines in almost all of the states except Iowa. The fines vary from $250 in the county of Athens Clarke in Georgia to $2500 in Salem, Virginia. These are fines for first offense. The fines increase for second and third offense. Further the fines increase when enhancements are considered. The factors are child along with the drunk driver, higher BAC level, previous records and property damage or injury.

In California, the fine for the first offense is $1400 to $1800. The fines include fees and costs of the court. The fine for the second and third offense is $1800 to $2800. The fine can be paid in equal installments for an additional charge or in full within 45 days of conviction. Alternatively the equivalent of the fine can be paid by working for community service.

With the gradual acknowledgement that alcoholism is a disease and alcohol related crime can only be reduced by alternative methods that attack the root cause and not the symptoms, judges look upon those defendants favorably who admit to the existence of the problem. Hence DUI schools and alcohol treatment facilities are undertaken by the government.

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