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Orange County Clerk Of Court

In Orange County, FL drivers who are issued a traffic ticket for any violation don't simply have to pay the fine and accept the citation. There are other alternatives for those who thing that they were wronged, or simply don't want to pay the fine and have points charged to their record. The options that a driver can choose are: to pay the fine, to attend traffic school instead of paying, or to request a court hearing to fight the charge. And once the hearing is requested, or if you have any other needs, you will need to hire one of the many qualified traffic lawyers to assist you with your case.

To lawyer up or not

Necessity gives that you don't have to hire an attorney to represent you when fighting your traffic violations. However, having a qualified professional at your side pleading your case for you will definitely increase your chances of winning your case. To find a lawyer, you can ask for referrals from people you know, or simply research them on your own. Today's heavy reliance on the internet creates a world of opportunities for those who need to research and find the most qualified attorney for their case.

How do I exercise the options available to me?

If you decide that you don't want to accept the charges against you, you can elect traffic school or a court hearing to fight the charges altogether. When you are fighting a ticket in Orange County FL, here are your options:

Traffic School

If you elect to attend traffic school, you will need to submit a form stating your intent to the court. The forms and additional information can be found at your local Clerk of Courts' office. This must be requested within 30 (thirty) days of being cited, and completed within 90 (ninety) days of submitting your request.

Court Hearing

To be assigned a court date to fight the charges against you, you will again need to file a request with the court notifying them of your decision within 30 (thirty) days. Then they will contact you with your assigned court date and you will be able to hire a lawyer and begin preparing to fight your case.

A traffic ticket, no matter how minor, is not a matter to be taken lightly. Too many drivers simply pay the fines, accept the points they are charged, and move on. However, if you feel you've been wrongfully accused, you can fight the charge, with the aid of Orange County traffic lawyers. Additionally, if you know you were wrong, but still don't want to pay, you can attend traffic school to avoid paying the fines. Whatever you decide to do upon receiving a traffic violation in Orange County, just know that you do have options and utilize them, because that is what they're for.

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