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Orange County Chopper

There has been an absolutely phenomenal growth of interest in custom chopper motorcycles over the recent years. Also along with an increased price tag that these custom choppers are being sold at!

A really nice looking motorcycle, complete with beefed up engine, 6-speed transmission and custom paint job is way out of the reach of the average Joe. If you donít have serious wads of cash, a benevolent granny or a clean sheet on your credit file then there is probably not much chance of getting a brand new custom chopper motorcycle out of the show room. So what can you do if you are hopelessly in love with the chopper dream and without the financial resources to back you up? Well, why not consider building your own custom chopper, based on a factory standard motorcycle and fit one of the reliable chopper kits available on the market today. With a bit of mechanical knowledge you can build your own Harley chopper, Honda chopper, Kawasaki chopper, Suzuki or Yamaha chopper from your standard bike and these chopper conversions are now becoming increasingly popular today.

Just how easy is this? Read on . . .

You can convert your standard Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Yamaha motorcycle into a custom chopper in one day, using tried and tested chopper kits. Make sure that you use a safe and reliable system to transform your motorcycle into a custom chopper using your standard factory frame.

Approved chopper kits will actually change the steering head angle on your frame without cutting or welding. Chopper kits that use a patented set of triple trees, bearings, fork tubes and offset components to provide the correct geometry are the best way of making the chopper conversion to your motorcycle. It has been stated that the most important aspect of a chopper motorcycle is the trail dimension because a motorcycle that simply relies on a raked or adjustable tree cannot achieve more then 5 or 6 degrees of additional rake before the trial becomes so small that the handling becomes dangerous. Chopper kits that use a bolt-on system eliminate the guesswork by providing your chopper with the same trail as the standard factory motorcycle.

What does this actually mean to the not so mechanically minded biker? Dude, it will look great & ride totally safe. This is a very important aspect to consider. Don't go cutting, welding or hacking away at a factory built motorcycle as this will result in a dangerous wreck and not that much wanted, cool looking, head turning dream machine you are really looking for. We all need to ride safe to keep riding!

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