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Orange County Chopper Wallpaper

It never matters where you go as long as the sun is shinning and the shades are on, or the lights shine at night as you cruise past everyone. Not interested in what is going on because that would mean stopping or slowing down. Riding the motorcycle is the buzz without the come down. The addiction is the ride and the destination is overdrive.

At full throttle you can feel close to everything, close to life, the stars and the sound of the bike and then you can just keep riding until all the anger, rage and the emotions of a bad day finally calm down and let you feel peace again at maximum speed, like standing on a mountain and watching the clouds almost touch you. Like standing still in time and looking at the ocean or like a brief taste of maybe how the eagle feels as he soars above the earth in freedom and isolation.

And now I wonder what road I'm on. Far away from whatever I left behind. What difference does it make? You could say that this is aimless and you would not be too far wrong. That is just the point of cruising. As soon as you start riding you have got there!

The chopper motorcycle is the definition of laid back, casual cruising, fast rides into the night with no other destination than just being on the bike. The chopper can be any way you want it to be from old school style through to drag style, wide handlebars, loads of chrome or blacked out engine parts and a loud swept down exhaust. The chopper motorcycle is never a standard production bike that will look exactly like the next one. The chopper is an icon and it is here to stay. You have seen them in movies, rock stars own them and now they are very affordable and accessible so you can get one yourself! Choose your style of motorcycle from Honda, Harley, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha cruiser models and add custom parts to make the chopper ride of your life.

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