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Orange County Airport

What makes Honda the answer for your driving needs in Orange County? Simply stated, there is really just one reason to make it Honda, Orange County. This article will describe why the answer to your question of “What kind of car should I get?” is Honda, Orange County.

Honda! Orange County – Reason #1 – Economics

All of us have a certain amount of money to spend on our vehicles. The total purchase price of any car is just the beginning. We must also factor in the insurance costs, the maintenance and upkeep, the gasoline we will buy and the future resell value. All of these ideas are centered around one theme and that is money! The bottom line of why Honda needs to be your next car is because it makes good financial sense.

If purchasing a new or used car, your dollar will go the farthest if you purchase a Honda. This statement is based upon not only the initial value of your purchase, but also the resell value of your car when you are ready to sell it. Hondas are great on both ends. They are reasonably priced and they hold their value well.

The insurance costs for Hondas are on the low side for all cars. In case of an accident where you need to replace body parts or panels, Hondas are everywhere and their replacement parts are still being manufactured.

Maintenance costs for Hondas are also reasonable. They are easy to work on and again, all the replacement parts are still being manufactured. If you have difficulty in finding any parts, there are many after market companies who can provide manufacture replacement parts.

The biggest plus when considering your Honda’s maintenance costs is their reliability. Hondas are known far and wide to just keep going. Many Hondas are still on the freeways today at 200,000 plus miles. This fact also adds to the re-sale value of any Honda

Our final consideration to make when purchasing your Honda is their mileage estimates. As gasoline in many parts of the country is now above $3 per gallon, we must consider how we will spend our gas money. Hondas get great mileage, so your fuel costs will be well spent.

So there you have it. Overall cost, resell value, maintenance costs, insurance and mileage, all add up to a great car for you. Make your next car a Honda Orange County!

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