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Orange Beach

Florida real estate has many options available to fulfill a buyers needs. There are beautiful houses available on the river and ocean and incredible condo options available. Both retirees and families can call Florida home and be very happy. The myth that Florida is full of retirees nolonger exists. Florida is a "hot state" with lots of activities for young families and old retired couples.

Florida has a total of 67 counties scattered from the east and west coast. Within those counties are many cities, some of the larger cities include Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Daytona Beach.

When most people think of Florida, they think of great vacations to Disney World and/or to one of the famous beaches that stretch the Florida coast lines. Other attractive parks in Florida include Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and much more. Popular beaches that are visited weekly include Daytona Beach, Clearwater Beach, Miami Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Panama City Beach, and more.

Florida’s nickname is “The Sunshine State” because of the constant sunshine year round. This slogan was adopted by the legislature in 1970. When Ponce De Leon landed he decided to name this state Florida because of all the flowers that he saw. Florida actually means “Full of Flowers”.

663 miles of beaches bless the coasts of Florida. You can drive many miles of Florida beaches in Daytona Beach. This is the only place in Florida where you can actually drive on the beach. There are 67 different school districts in Florida and many of the best schools are located in Port Orange, Florida. A+ schools are all over Port Orange. Some A+ schools include Spruce Creek High School, Spruce Creek Elementary School, Sweetwater Elementary School, and more.

Please contact Kevin Kling if you would like more information about Florida real estate. He can help you locate beautiful Port Orange real estate or he can find you very impressive Daytona Beach condos.