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Oragne Cranberry Vodka Peach

The hot new drink taking night clubs, parties, and other nefarious alcohol-rich events by storm is Red Bull and Vodka. This combination seems to give the consumer a proper balance of energy and ďbuzzĒ. Of course, this duality is extremely popular for college kids and young adults looking to get boldly trashed, but still want the energy to go all night long.

It seems that Red Bull and alcohol construct a unique partnership. Alcohol is widely considered a depressant, whereas Red Bull is a stimulant for the body. This combination prevents drowsiness caused by alcohol consumption and the ingredients in Red Bull will help you avoid a hangover.

In order to get the best taste, you should get a high quality Vodka. Absolut Vodka seems to be the leading brand for this mix. Absolut Vodka itself now comes with numerous fruit-filled flavors which may add some extra taste to the drink; so be sure you know the flavor of vodka before deciding on additional ingredients.

On top of Red Bull and Vodka, you can also add some lighter ingredients such as cranberry juice or lime juice to strengthen the flavor that comes from the Red Bull. Tequila can be used in the mix, along with Rum or Gin, which is usually added in the amount of about twenty ounces in addition to the Red bull and Vodka.

If you donít like Red Bull and Vodka, you might want to consider these concoctions:

Southern BullóRed Bull with Southern Comfort

KissabullóRed Bull with Grape Pucker

MalibullóRed Bull with Malibu Rim and Pineapple Juice

All of these "Bullish" beverages are extremely tasty and will provide the aforementioned energy and "buzz" combo that people seem to enjoy.

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