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Navel Oranges

The world is switching to healthy food. People are increasingly including fibrous and high-energy fruits in their diets. Navel oranges provide a good source of vitamins and form a delicious variant for everyday snacks, lunches, salads, desserts or simply as a refreshing drink. Many people vouch for navel oranges as the best oranges in the world. They love to sink their teeth in the seedless, meaty flesh, which is safely enclosed in an easy-to-peel, shiny, thick rind. The segments separate with ease, making it easier for children to eat the delicious fruit.

The fruit gets its name from the characteristic Ďnavelí at the fruitsí blossom end. A small convoluted opening looks similar to a navel, differentiating it from the other variety of oranges. You can start enjoying this fruit towards the end of the year when they begin to colorfully decorate the shelves of supermarkets from the second week of November until spring. However, the fruit doesnít taste its best too early or towards the end of its season. In the beginning the fruit doesnít appear very bright, and has some traces of bitterness. During peak season, navel oranges become sugary-sweet and very affordable. As summer knocks on the door they again become puffy, dull and costly.

Although California navels are more popular, Florida navel oranges also have their own fan following. These donít look as colorful as their Californian counterparts but are seedless, have a higher juice content and are very sweet. You can find the Florida navels in all sizes, big and small, with a thin rind which requires some patience to peel. Do not buy dull-colored fruit with spots or a navel with wrinkled skin. Pick those orange from the basket which are shiny, firm and heavy for their size.

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