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Mock Orange

Here's a 2006 NFL mock draft of the top five value picks, so throw out all of the other methods for measuring college players and their potential value in the NFL.

Most 2006 NFL mock drafts look at team needs and potential trades. None of that here. In an NFL draft that is this top-end heavy, it's all about value. Forget need in the top five and take the best player.

Some people say the Houston Texans would trade the first pick to select a quarterback or to stockpile picks to improve one of the most dreadful offenses the NFL has seen in many years.

Forget it. With Reggie Bush entering the NFL, 2006 mock NFL draft, along with the actual NFL draft, should have Bush as the first player being taken. Bush is destined for stardom. He's a young, fast version of Marshall Faulk, arguably the best football player ever to lace up the cleats.

At number two in this Barnes version of the 2006 NFL mock draft, it's AJ Hawk. Most experts have Hawk anywhere from four to seven in their NFL mock drafts, but a player of Hawk's skills and fierce competitiveness doesn't come along often. Hawk impacts games, and not many players do this.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson is third in the 2006 NFL mock draft. This monster lineman will make most QBs and RBs better.

Fourth on the Barnes 2006 NFL mock draft list is quarterback Matt Leinart. He fits all of the NFL draft expert's package for greatness, with the size, intellect and background. Someone gets a 10-year winner in this draft pick.

Rounding out the 2006 NFL mock draft at number five is Mario Williams. The NC State defensive end has protypical size and speed and finished his collegiate career with 14.5 sacks. He'll terrorize QBs for many years, and no one should pass on him at this spot.

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