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Mini Choppers

Mini choppers, factory built or custom mini choppers, are the hottest, most popular and fastest growing segment of the mini bikes hobby today. And they are becoming more and more popular.

I will give you a few tips and recommendations on mini choppers to help you choose the right mini chopper for more speed and extreme fun...

Choosing and Buying Mini Choppers

So you want to purchase quality mini choppers for yourself or as a gift for someone else and you are not sure which one you should buy?

Well, choosing a great mini chopper to ride is part of the fun!

First of all you will have to decide if you prefer a factory built mini chopper or you want a custom mini chopper. A custom mini chopper is unique, as motorcycle owners usually love to customize their mini choppers to suit their own individual attitude, style and taste. My opinion is that the best option to begin with custom mini choppers is with kit bikes, “bike in a box”. They are easy to build compared to "start from scratch" mini choppers and at least you start with a rolling chassis and go from there. They are the best way to start if you have never built a mini chopper before, then later you can build a scratch chopper, once you have some experience with custom mini choppers.

If you have decided to buy your mini chopper pre-built, then you should decide either you prefer an American-made mini chopper or an imported motorcycle. Some people will recommend sticking with an American-made mini chopper, rather than a cheaper, imported version, but of course it all depends on the value you hope to get for your money.

Most of the mini choppers are imported from the Far East; especially they came from China and other places. There are also high quality mini choppers imported from Italy.

Pablo Mello is a custom mini chopper enthusiast. Visit Custom Mini Choppers for the best information on Mini Choppers.