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Mario And Peach

There's a new chapter in gaming history, and it'd more captivating than any before it. It's called Super Mario Galaxy, and it's available now for the Nintendo Wii gaming console.

In this classic new game, our hero Mario is faced with a dilemma. Once again his arch-nemesis has captured Princess Peach and he must rescue her! But this time his journey will take him between whole new worlds and planets. Will he manage to defeat the bad guys and rescue the princess in time, again?

Despite the peril of the hero's girlfriend, Super Mario Galaxy has so many galaxies to explore, the journey is smooth and incredibly fun. Each world has its own theme and is filled with lush environments that will make you feel like you've really landed in a unique and fun environment.

But prepare to blast off, because this is the easiest adventure yet. While you'll be running around globes and jumping upside down and landing on the bottoms of platforms, Nintendo has made sure that this game is easy and fun to control. You'll run and jump with ease even if you've never picked up a controller before. And if jumping makes you nervous, you can attack enemies by spinning instead... just get up close and shake your controller!

With so much to do and explore, this game is perfect for young and old alike. Super Mario Galaxy comes highly recommended for yourself or your loved one. You'll thank your lucky stars you played it!

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