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Mango Fruit

A great present for someone else, or even for your self, are mangoes. Mango gift baskets with fruits, books and cooking recipes are wonderful gifts. There are also many popular cookbooks and even ways to grow your own mangoes if you look for that information. Mangoes can be eaten ripe, but in India they are known to be eaten while they are green, with a touch of vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper or other spices.

Mangoes are a very popular tropical fruit. People have become quite fond of mangoes. Dried mangos, mango / mint salsa, mango pudding, mango slices and even bread recipes are becoming more and more popular. If you are trying to cook mango recipes that will last and last, mango puree can be frozen and slices apart easily almost like frozen butter or margarine.

You can keep your mango puree for virtually a year before it is no longer usable as long as it is kept frozen. Once you have made a mango puree, remember to freeze it and you might as well make a lot of it! You can slice off the exact amount you need for any marinade, cream, sauce, sorbet or whatever other recipe you discovered. Nonetheless, you will need to remember to keep the puree in an air-tight container, or a freezer bag. The more air your frozen puree is exposed to, the more likely it will get freezer burn potentially wasting at least some of it.

It has even become popular for some people to grow their own mango. If you want to grow mango, take the seed and remove as much pulp as you possibly can. Be sure to plant the seed horizontally. The very best way to start out is in a six inch pot, be sure to use high quality soil and plant the seed on the surface with about a fourth of the seed inside the soil. Within a month you should have the beginning of a mango plant.

Be sure not to over water a mango plant. Mangoes do not need the excess water of many other normal houseplants. You can shape your miniature mango tree by pinching off leaves. When you grow your own mango you need to remember to create the environment it needs to survive. However, mangoes are some of the less complicated tropical plants to grow at home. Whether for gifts, or for cooking, or for drying, or just for munching on mangoes are a wonderful tropical fruit.

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