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Mandarin Oranges

This bright-colored citrus fruit has taken its name from ‘Mandarin’, the exuberant colored robes worn by high government officials at the ancient Chinese court. Only the affluent class of the Far East could enjoy the fruit at that time, and it was only in the nineteenth century when the first shipment of this exotic fruit was first brought to the New World.

This popular fruit is slightly oblate in shape, and has a very thin, bright orange peel. The seeds are quite small, and are an interesting shade of green from the inside. Although the skin is thin it can easily come off the fruit, making it easier for you to eat. The tree bearing this citrus fruit may grow up to a height of 7.5 meters, with a green shady spread. It can survive rough droughts, but the fruits are ruined if exposed to extreme cold temperature.

In the American tropical region this fruit is known as mandarina. The best time to enjoy this fruit is from early November until the peak summer season of June. When picking the fruit from the basket, select the ones which are free of any unsightly spots and are heavy for their size. Although a bright-colored mandarin will not guarantee a sweet and fresh fruit, avoid the fruits with mold, cuts or spots. Some growers regularly use dyes to make them appear brighter; on the other hand, some fruits may have green patches even when they are fully ripe and sweet from inside. If you want to enjoy your fruit for a long time, keep them stored in a refrigerator.

Mandarin oranges are usually eaten out-of-hand and are widely used in preparing fruit salads, gelatins, puddings and cakes. Juice is extracted from the small variety, and also canned in syrup. Mandarin oranges provide a good source of essential oil, which is extracted from the peel. It is of great use in flavoring candies, ice creams and carbonated beverages.

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