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Making Fruit Gel Candles

Gel candles come in an amazing assortment of shapes, colors and fragrances. They provide extremely good value for money because they are amongst the longest burning candles on the market and they provide wonderful effects.

With gel candles you often have to look closely to notice that they are actually candles. These candles are often formed to look like fruit or jars of fruit with a very realistic appearance. If you didn't know better you would think that it was fruit freshly picked from the garden.

Other creations of gel candles look like coral reefs, mini beaches, seashells, pinecones, and almost any other form that you could imagine. In fact, what you can make with gel candles is really only limited by the imagination of the candle maker.

Gel candles have an amazingly long burn time. It is not uncommon to get gel candles with a burn time of 280 hours.

For decorating your dinner table you have so many different choices. You can get gel candles that look like wine goblets, cocktails, wine bottles, martini glasses, wine flutes, and many other arrangements that are fitting for the dinner table.

For the bathroom you have just as many different choices. You can get gel candles with a seascape that contains white soft sand and wonderful seashells. You can also get candles that looked like goldfish. If you want to confuse the family you can get candles that look like bars of soap.

For special occasions you can get red heart-shaped gel candles, candles that look like wedding rings, and other appropriate gel candles.

To delight your children there are pumpkin-shaped candles for Halloween, cartoon character gel candles, and a host of other gel candles made specifically to please kids.

These gel candles come in scented and unscented varieties.

Gel candles are not of the same quality as the more expensive beeswax candles but they do provide amazing variety at very affordable prices.

The versatility and variety of gel candles, their affordability, and their amazingly long burn times make them a must-have for your interior decoration.

Chrystal Holman recommends these beautiful scented and unscented, wax, soy, and gel candles available in a wide selection.

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