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Lingerie & Bellinis - The Perfect New Year Couple

The most famous New Year couple over the years, standing the test of time, is Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant in "An Affair to Remember." You don't have to be a famous couple in order to enjoy the New Year and feel your best. But you do need to know one. A bellini and an elegant chemise are a perfect pair and luxurious way to start the New Year by telling yourself that "You're worth it."

When you look for a chemise, search for soft materials that feel good against your skin. Read the labels and look for satin, silk or microfiber. The ultimate test (I'm fanatical about this) is to rub the material against the back of your hand. If it feels soft, think about how it'll feel against the rest of your body.

Bellinis are a refreshing and delicious combination of champagne and peach nectar (recipe below). Traditionally, mimosas have been synonymous with breakfast-in-bed and brunch for years, but there's something exquisite about bellinis. Just imagine it. You're sipping luscious peaches and champagne from a crystal flute, wearing supple lingerie and...writing your New Year Resolutions.

Does it matter if you have anyone to share it with? It's nice if you do, but the answer is "No." What matters is the way it makes you feel. If wearing lingerie and savoring bellinis makes you feel like Cleopatra, Eve (the original temptress) or the best version of yourself, then indulge.

It's about treating yourself to something sumptuous and decadent while feeling comfortable, confident and joyful being you. Have a happy New Year & celebrate your inner Eve!


Bellini (Champagne) Recipe

- 2 White Peaches (yellow peaches or peach schnapps may be substituted if white peaches are unavailable. If you use peach schnapps than do not use water and sugar below)

- 1/8 c. Water

- 1 Tbl. Sugar

- Champagne

Puree two white peaches, sugar and water in a blender. Put 1 part peach puree in a champagne flute (1/4 of glass). Pour in 3 parts champagne. Stir with a long spoon.

Drink & enjoy!

Gayvin Powers is a writer and lingerie guru. I've been addicted to finding gorgeous lingerie ever since I bought my first hideous training bra. If I'm not dreaming about lingerie, I'm perusing stores for it, seeking it online or designing it. I just can't get enough!