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Italian White Wines

Though Italian red wines are often talked about more than white wines, there are some sparkling white wines produced by certain regions in Italy. The taste of an Italian white wine depends on the variety of grapes used and the time required for aging it perfectly.

Like Italian red wines, Italian white wines also carry the distinct flavor of the region in which they are produced. Some of them are made with a single variety of grapes. But blending more than one variety makes the most of them. Their prices vary according to the quality of the win. The high-quality wines can be really expensive, as it takes a longer time to age them perfectly.

As there are a wide variety of grapes produced in every wine region of Italy, there is no dearth of white wines which taste differently from each other. You can choose one according to your taste and the occasion. Italian white wines are relatively softer than the red wines produced in the country. They can be sipped independently, and do not have to accompany a meal.

Tocai is one of the popular Italian white wines. It is a dry wine that has an aroma of flowers, peaches and pears. A bottle of Tocai is quite affordable, as it may not cost you more than $20. Verdicchio grapes are used by Italians to produce a sparkling white wine under the same name. It was once quite popular in the US market.

Frascati is the name of another Italian white wine. It has been mentioned in Italian history quite often. It has a unique flavor. It is blended with four or five different varieties of grapes. Orvieto Classico is a dry white wine blended with five different varieties of white grapes. It is also a light wine preferred by royal families.

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