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Is Grape Seed Extract Really Good?

So we all know that red wine and the grapes that make that wine do a body good. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why? Well, its really quite simple. Grape have a number of chemical in them that have a positive impact on the body. So what about grape seed extract, well, it's could be a little better because the concentration of these good chemicals are much higher. So what are some of the benefits, well lets take a look!

Since the concentration of these chemicals found in grape seed extract are so much higher than what you find in grapes themselves, the health benefits are numerous. Lets look at some research done back in the late 1990's. Doctors who spend their time researching cancer thought they would to a look at what effect it has on cancerous tumors. The research was very positive. Researchers found that grape seed extract can actually freeze cancer cell and even cause a cell to kill itself. In fact it has also been shown to have a positive preventative effect against skin cancer. Not only that, but its also been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells in your prostate.

Cancer, however, is not the only thing that grape seed extract can be use to prevent or help. Its also been shown to be pretty effective in lowering your blood pressure. Recently studies done on people with what they call metabolic syndrome showed that grape seed extract was effective in lowering their blood pressure. Did you know that over 50 million people have metabolic syndrome. Simply put, that is a combination of factors that increase the risk for heart disease, like high blood pressure.

So how does it work? Well it helps prevent changes in places like your blood vessels. When your blood vessels change or are damaged it increases your risk for heart disease. Not only that, but grape seed extract is shown to help control other factors that could lead to heart disease. Lets take a look at cholesterol. It may just help block enzymes that processes fat, much like cholesterol. That means that less fat could be taken in by your body and more eliminated from it.

Now, lets be honest, there is still much research to be done on it. What about side effects? Well this is one of the areas where research needs to be done. While most people report no side effects after taking it there are some who report a different story. Although generally mild, some side effects might include things like a cough, headache or sore throat.

However, early research done shows that grape seed extract could be a good way to help prevent cancer and heart disease. After all, just look at the French. The French have historically lower rates of heart disease than Americans do. This is a little odd because of the things they like to eat and the amount of people who smoke. Research has shown that the fact the French also enjoy wines could be the reason for the lower rate of heart disease. One must wonder if you could get the same benefits from something like grape seed extract, wouldn't that be good?

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