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Increase Creativity - How To Identify And Eliminate The Lethal Loops That Destroy Your Creativity

What stops you creating more?

What’s prevents you from realising your creative potential, today and every day?

Is it lack of time? Lack of resources? Procrastination? Creative Block? Shortage of ideas?

You may be nodding furiously “Yes! Yes ! Yes!” to all of these.

But the truth is none of these are actually the core reasons that stop you creating.

They are only the ways you stop yourself creating, the techniques and the weapons you use to make creating as difficult and painful as possible.

So, let’s ask the question again. What REALLY stops you creating more?

The answer is “Lethal Loops”. Lethal Loops?! What on earth are they?

Lethal Loops are simply the negative messages that you play in your head. The things you tell yourself about yourself, what you are, what your limitations are, what you can’t possible do, and why. They go round and round, grind you down and slowly but surely destroy your creativity.

Here’s some examples of Lethal Loops you might be familiar with:

“I’m not talented enough.”

“I don’t have any good ideas to develop.”

“I can’t create like I used to anymore, I’m too old, too tired.”

“I’m not a proper artist, I’m just messing around.”

“I don’t deserve time to create and enjoy creating.”

“My creative work will never be appreciated and seen by anyone so what’s the point of creating anything in the first place?”

“Creating is a luxury, there are other far more important things that need doing.”

“I can’t create consistently.”

“I only have maybe one or two good creative ideas and I used them up years ago.”

“I’m not allowed to be too creative.”

“There are others with far more talent who deserve a chance to get their creative work known before me.”

“If I create too much too soon I’ll use up my limited store of creativity.”

How many of these Lethal Loops do you recognise? Be honest, how many of them appear in your head on a regular basis?

Lethal Loops - like an annoying novelty record that you hear once and gets stuck in your head for days – repeat over and over, each time engraining themselves a little more deeply. So inevitably, you start to believe them, even if you didn’t before.

So what’s the answer, is there any way to eliminate these Lethal Loops and their incredibly destructive impact on your creative life?

Yes! There is hope. But you can’t just stop them, turn them off. This is where most people struggle most. They think they can just remove the negative loops. But what happens? New Lethal Loops just take their place.

What happens if I say to you: “Try not to think of a purple elephant in a lime green tutu.”

Yep, that image fills yours head, it’s all you CAN think about.

The same applies to the negative thoughts in your head. You can’t just stop thinking them. The only way to overcome these Lethal Loops is to REPLACE them with positive, empowering messages that support and nurture your creativity.

The first step is to recognise the negative thought. Then, each time you notice one, turn it around, replace it with a positive equivalent.

So “I don’t have any good ideas to develop” becomes “I’m capable of having a stream of great ideas. The more ideas I have, the more flow into me.”

“I’m not allowed to be too creative” becomes “I have as much right to create as anyone, my work is valid and important”. And so on.

Start recognising your Lethal Loops today and replacing them with positive equivalents.

Very soon you’ll notice the shift in your thinking and your overall attitude to creating.

The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and in time you’ll find Lethal Loops are few and far between.

This is one of many ways to be more creative.

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From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin