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Important Details About Grape Seed Extract And Skin Cancer

There is nothing better than being outside on a nice sunny day. However, with the sun comes the possibility of getting some form of skin cancer but could grape seed extract help prevent that? The research has been done and the purpose of this article is to see if it could help prevent skin cancer!

Did you know that over exposure to the harmful rays the sun puts out lead to at least one million new cases of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers each year. Researchers wanted to know if taking something as simple as this healthy supplement could help lower the number of these cases. To help answer this question the researchers turned to mice.

The researchers took a number of mice and exposed them to ultraviolet-light. They then divided the mice up into two groups. One group was given the chemicals found in grape seed extract and the other group was not. The scientist found that the group of mice given the extract developed a significant lesser number of tumors than those mice that were not given it. So why does this work?

The chemicals found in grape seed extract have a high level of antioxidants. These antioxidants help combat the oxidative stress that UV light induces. Oxidative stress has been shown to lead to skin cancer and since the chemicals in the extract seem to counter that, grape seed extract could prevent skin cancer. It is important to talk about the side effects of it as well.

While the research is still being conducted, most people who have taken the report no side effects at all. Other people have noticed mild side effects such as minor stomach aches or a little cough. The good news is that research is being done everyday and it most of it looks very positive.

The chemicals found in this supplement just could help prevent skin cancer and the research is there to back it up. There are also studies that show grape seed extract can help prevent and fight many other health conditions as well. These range from preventing heart disease and even preventing cancer. We are also seeing grapes being used as the backbone of many skin-care products. Could grape seed extract, taken in a pill form, have the same effect on your skin? It looks that is could be another benefit as well! Stay tuned...there is still more research to come!

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