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How To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

You've seen it time and again that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables but how many do you eat? Adding fruits and veggies to your diet is probably the simplest diet plan available.

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and have more fiber than other foods. When you add fruits and veggies to your meals, you cut down your fat intake and you'll be able to control your weight better.

Fruits and veggies also have vital vitamins and minerals which we do not get from all the processed foods and fast foods we eat.

One tip I use to eat more fruits is buy a big 2-3 pound bag of frozen fruit, usually blueberries, and add it to my breakfast or add it to a snack with walnuts and granola.

I also add baby carrots as my side dish with my sandwiches instead of a bag of chips.

Instead of eating a regular potato, eat a sweet potato instead. Add some cinnamon and a small amount of butter to get it even sweeter.

Here's how to eat more fruits and vegetables even when you're busy - put your favorite fruits - bananas, strawberries and blueberries in a blender, add some protein powder and blend - you'll have a healthy snack that will keep you full for hours.

Buy some dried fruit - raisins, apples, dates, banana chips - and snack on that when you're hungry.

Take the free calculator at Fruits and Veggies Matter to find out how many fruits and vegetables you need on a daily basis. It also has some nice illustrated examples of the fruits and veggies that count towards your daily requirement.

Adding and eating more fruits and vegetables to your diet is not hard. If you don't have time to go to your local farmer's market, you can stock up on frozen fruits instead. Most fruits are sweeter and healthier than candy bars and other unhealthy snacks. When you add them to your diet, you'll enjoy the many benefits they have to offer.

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