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How Are Fruit Loops Made

Carpet comes in a variety of different styles and textures to meet anyone's taste. This article will describe the different styles and give you some information to help you choose the style that is right for you. Keep reading and learn more.

One popular style of carpet is called Saxony. Saxony carpet is the basic traditional type of carpeting. It is a basic cut pile carpet with equal length tufts and is a solid color. It shows vacuum marks and foot prints but is a rather comfortable carpet. The next type of carpet is Berber carpet and is very popular as well. It is made of a continuous fiber that forms loops or knots. It has the benefit of hiding foot prints and vacuum marks because of its harder surface made up of loops instead of a cut pile. Berber is a very durable carpet although it is a hard carpet and not as comfortable as other styles. Frieze is yet another type of carpet. It has a very heavy twist and hides foot prints and traffic very well. Because of the twist it does not lay in straight rows like pile carpet and it is a good carpet for higher traffic areas. The last carpet I will discuss is called Sculptured carpet. It has a combination of cut pile and loops. This carpet stands up well to traffic and wears very well.

As you can see there are many different kinds of carpet to choose from for your home. Hopefully you now have some idea of what you would like. If nothing else you now know what types of carpets to ask your carpet salesman about the next time you are ready to buy new carpets.

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