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Grape Soda

Exercise is not the favorite topic of most people's diet plans. So when you tell people they can lose 20 pounds a year without exercise, they are all ears. This article will address how to lose weight without exercising.

First, I want to start by telling a little story.

As I was eating dinner with my kids the other day, they asked me what is there to drink. I said the usual, water, tea and kool aid. They asked if they could have a soda. Most of the time I say no and they get a glass of water or tea.

I say yes occasionally as I know soda has too many calories. Too many empty calories. As I was watching them eat dinner and drink their sodas, I took the can and looked at the label.

Once I read the label and saw how many calories one 16 oz soda had, I had a thought. If one 16 oz soda has 210 calories and there are 3500 calories in a pound, if you cut out soda from your diet you could lose 21.9 pounds a year. Without exercising.

The thing is, many people drink more than one soda a day. Cutting soda out of your diet could help you lose more than 20 pounds.

So parents, if you're worried about childhood obesity, one of the easiest ways to keep your child's weight down is to cut out the soda. Diet or regular.

Now don't think diet soda is the answer either. Diet soda has chemicals to make it taste somewhat like its regular counterpart. These chemicals are not healthy for you either.

What to drink instead of soda? Water of course. But water is not sexy and it doesn't have fancy packaging or funny commercials. Water will keep the weight off.

How to drink more water? Add some flavor to it. Add some 100% grape juice or apple juice and dilute them together. Add some lemon juice with your water. Green tea, yerba mate, and black tea are other healthy alternatives to soda. Use honey or stevia instead of sugar to sweeten your tea.

Losing weight does not have to be hard. I've just shown you a simple way to lose 20 pounds a year without exercising and it won't cost you much at all.

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