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Grape Salad

It is best to choose fresh, crisps greens with no discoloration, wilting, bruises or any other spots.

You should always remove stems and roots. When storing line a plastic bag or airtight container with barley damp paper towels, make sure not wet. Put unwashed greens in bag and refrigerate usually for as many as five days. One exception, Iceberg lettuce should be rinsed before storing; remove core and turn upside down and place under water where the core was and rinse, then turn back over to drain.

When using greens, rinse under cold water and shake off excess and most of the moisture so that salad dressing will cling to salad and so your salad dressing does not become watered down. A great way to dry greens is to use a salad spinner.

Once greens are dry either prepare to eat or if storing then gently roll greens up in the damp paper towels and place in plastic bag for as long as eight hours.

Always tear greens with your fingers into bite-size pieces, do not cut them because it makes greens to go limp and edges to turn dark. You can use a knife if you are going to eat the salad right away without leftovers. If you are going to use a knife then you may want to get a plastic serrated salad knife.

Since tomatoes are watery, wait until just before tossing to add any tomatoes unless you are adding whole small cherry or grape tomatoes. If you add tomatoes to your salad and store it for any time the salad will become soggy.

If you are preparing a salad with dressing, donít add the dressing until just before serving to avoid salad becoming too soggy. If you are planning on having salad leftovers then serve dressing on the side so that your leftover salad doesnít become soggy.

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