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Grape Plants

A few months ago, I decided to install trellises against the east and west sides of my home. I put in an arbor over the walkway area that leads to my garage as well. This way I can enjoy some of the climbing plants that I have seen at the local nursery. The owner of the nursery had several trellises with various climbing plants on them at the nursery.

I made a trip to the nursery to find which plants would do best in the areas I had chosen after I installed the support. The owner described the light and water conditions that each of the plants require. She also told me about how quickly they grow.

I was glad that the owner was able to give me some of her time because there are so many plants to choose from. I explained to her that I was after climbing plants that would stay confined to the trellises and not climb the side of my house.

After talking with the owner of the nursery, I decided on a flowering plant for the trellises. These flowering climbing plants will bloom from late June until late September. I have to trim the vines to about 18 inches in height in the fall of the year. The plants will not take over the side of the house if I control their growth each year.

Grape vines were my first choice for the arbor but I decided that I do not want the work that goes with planting the fruited vines. As a result, I planted morning glories in a variety of colors on the arbor. These climbing plants offer beautiful blossoms and green shiny leaves.

In the present, the climbing plants I planted are already blooming and adding a wonderful splash of color to the side of my house. The areas that had seemed very plain and bland before are now very colorful and alive. Iím glad that the plants have required no maintenance other than watering.

Iím planning to add other varieties along the privacy fence that is in the back of my property because I am impressed with the looks of my climbing plants. I am considering the variety that spreads more readily for the fence. The nursery owner had pointed out several wood vines that would be a nice addition to the fence area. She also mentioned that the more woody plants are heavy so a strong support system is needed.

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