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Grape Jelly

Advance: Here are three little Ditties, music rhymes, if they do not make much sense, well, don't get mad, it's that kind of music, you know, what is out there, most do not make any sense, and if I made sense, I'd be the only one. So it is go with the flow music today, and party.

The Boom box song

No doubt, no doubt, please don't shout
I can sing this song, just like you
Just turn on the boom box, and
We'll get along, we can both
Sing the Boom box song.

Three freaky guys and a girl
In the boom box world,
What can you say?
Just turn on the boom box
And we'll play.

No doubt, no doubt, please don't shout
I can sing this song, just like you
Once in the boom box world
With a boom box girl

#2218 2-4-2008

The Jelly Music Song

Jelly, jelly, on my bread
Thought of you in my head,
I think I'll eat you while in bed;

(second thoughts)

Jelly, jelly music, helps me sleep
Don't be like those little creeps
That eats peanut butter...instead.

Jelly, jelly, John Huling sings,
Looks kind of creepy, creepy, creep to me...
New Age stuff, for a new cage bluff!

Jelly, jelly what I can say
I think I'll eat jam today

#2217 /2-4-2008

The Moondog Song

Ha Moondog what do you say
Ha Moondog get out of my way
Ha Moondog what did you do...?
Got to play
The man did say
Got to play, play,
The morning flute...

Ha Moondog it's getting cold
Ha Moondog don't be so bold
Ha Moondog you waiting for spring?
To thaw those fingers with those
Big diamonds rings?


(Play it again Sam!)

#2216 (2-3-2008)

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