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Grape Jam

Rock and roll posters run the gamut of utterly ridiculous, to vaudevillian hilarity, to visually arresting in their sheer and utter genius. While Pearl Jam Posters can be said to fall into this literary sphere, they are also an intriguingly blend of infinite energy and desperately prophetic soul adventuring. The sheer energy, and edgy grunge of PJ, is quite often reflected in the visually stunning eye artistry of every album cover.

Favourite Jam

One of my favorite Pearl Jam posters, has to be the one of their live concert posters. The camera view is from behind the band facing out towards the audience. In the shot, we see an empty microphone and a light mist rising from the audience. Not far from the microphone, is a spent Eddie Vedder leaning backwards at a gravity defying impossible angle. If not for another band member, Eddie would most surely collapse backwards onto the stage. A stage slick with the dewy remnants of the mist is also stylized here. But, if we allow our imaginations to flex a little, that wet slick, could be the sweat from a band and vocalist that has given it's all in a obviously exhilarating performance. Dripping onto the stage with a sheer veracity, with nothing left of their physical essence. Everything has been paid to the audience. This image captures the essence of what all great concert posters should. The deafening all embracing sound of a great band cranking out great sounds, and now on the verge of consensual collapse. Emotionlly, physically, and spiritually drained.

Pearl Jam Moment

This imagining, is not the type that could be conceived from an artists brush in isolation. It needed the soul of the band, the rapture of the audience, the hum of the music and the audacity of the lyrics. Pure raw passion and emotion. This poster, like few I have seen, makes me wish that I had been there. To feel what the audience feels, to emote what the band emotes, to be Eddie Veder, or simply to be caught in the moment. One of rocks many defining moments. It's a Pearl Jam poster that creates a sense of longing, and a wondering for what it must have felt like. It's artistry, it's music, it's emotion, it's everything it means to be human. It's not just Pearl Jam, it's a fleeting insight, that captures a moment, captures an audience, speaks to generations, and leaves us wanting more. Isn't that what art and music are all about?

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