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Grape Crusher

If you've ever had a job that has involved removing an existing area of hard standing only to replace it with a new one or a new construction youíve missed an opportunity.

With the Mini Crusher from Taylor Construction Plant Ltd you can crush any waste material to produce re-saleable hardcore or a sub-base to use on site, all in a matter of hours. The potential savings include; skip costs, the labour costs of removing waste material and not to mention the cost of buying in hardcore.

TCP was formed in 1989 and as well as offering the widest range of padfoot and sheepsfoot compaction equipment for hire in the UK, it designs and manufactures a mini crusher and itís sister machine, a mini dumper. The two machines are designed to work together to minimise time and reduce costs on site.

The Mini Crusher, first launched in 2003, produces an awesome 60 tonne crushing force from a compact hydraulic mechanism powered by an acclaimed Kubota diesel engine. The efficient and unique Adjustacrush system enables the fine adjustment of the finished product size, ranging from 20mm to 70mm.

At only 700mm wide the Mini Crusher is even at home on tight access sites, where it demonstrates exceptional manoeuvrability thanks to rugged nylon tracks. The Mini Crushers inlet, positioned at a height of 1200mm, has a throat measuring 400mm square which is designed to accept material loaded either manually or mechanically.

The Mini Crusher has proved very popular with hire companies, throughout the UK and other owners include conservatory builders, utility companies, general builders, civil engineers, landscaping companies and foundation specialists, to name a few.

The Taylor Construction Plant Ltd Mini Crusher can help you improve your bottom line by recycling waste building materials on-site to create saleable fill or a sub-base for a new construction.